Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rummaging through my privates

Cleaning out the old rubbbish from the rooms around the house this weekend, I suffered a very odd personal indignity. Off to the local household waste site to deposit said rubbish in the big skips and arrived there on a very quiet spell.

Four large heavy sacks were dropped into the skips, whereupon a local employee then decided to dismantle said bags with his big stick and hook. The thing is...yes, it is rubbish and is meant to be disgarded..but to have somebody rummaging through it is a little bit disturbing.
I was happy, originally, in the knowledge that it was just another anonymous bag in the sea of rubbish, but seeing one, then another employee begin to work their way through it was too much.

I knew there was nothing in there to be concerned about..but I felt violated, and I am not sure why.


  1. Dave, since the mysterious disappearance of your family (Spain indeed) you cannot but expect highly-trained members of the constabulary (cunningly disguised as skip monkeys) to take an interest in your bin bags.
    How is the new cellar coming on by the way?

  2. I need to get rid of an old freezer too...If you know anyone who needs one. It's quite clean inside despite the odd stain from the occasional joint of meat.

    I have some old tools available too...saws etc, hardly used.

  3. What about that old spade you've got? And the carpet remnants?