Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Making up for time

Sitting on the train this morning I came across another strange female phenomenon. The women that do their makeup on the train. I can only assume that these women are incredibly confident in themselves that they exit the house without makeup and show everyone on the train how little they need or good they are at putting it on.


I was subjected to various nudges and shuffles as the woman in question rummaged through her bag searching for that perfect colour. As well as all the inevitable pouting etc that goes with the performance.


I don’t have any real objections to this whole act, but I am left thinking, why?


 If they are that happy with their looks that they decide to join the ranks of the mindless on the platforms without makeup, then why feel the need to wear it at all?  Maybe it is simply that you can only get that beautiful by getting loads of sleep and hence have little time to actually apply it when the rest of the world do.



  1. Well yes, can't think why she would want to apply makeup on a train, with all that juddering and shaking, surely she came off looking like Widow Twanky. Its something I could never do, especially with Mr Angry sitting next to me giving off waves of disapproval.

  2. Dave - its time to get your own back. Slip on the guy-liner and man-scara and make sure you get those elbows out.