Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hanging out with jeans

Hanging out with jeans

I have been noticing a trend over the past year in jeans that hang down around the knees and less attractively display large amounts of the owners arse. I was unfortunate to have seen a pair last week that were actually hanging below the grey panted cheeks. This led me to thinking on how they remain up. As most people that have ever been forced to rush for the telephone in mid function will know.
How is it possible to walk around with them hanging that low and not have them around your ankles.

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  1. There were 2 plumbers in the town where I live who were so fat their van used to rise about a foot when they got out. Their jeans were usually riding-low but I don't think it was a fashion statement.
    I spend a lot of time chasing my eldest around the house and insisting he pulls his jeans up.
    The worst thing is this Gangsta style originated in US prisons after removal of belts and was a kind of sick status symbol. Hmmm......