Thursday, 11 March 2010

Stranger things can happen

Stranger things can happen

Came across one of lifes odd timing issues yesteday.
The day before, whilst endlessly waiting for a train, I got chatting with another frustrated commuter about  the current failings of the rail network.
As you know, it is forbiden to talk idly with strangers during commuter time, this passed without the authorities knowing.
So, yesterday morning, I exited the house and proceeded along my road where to my horror, I saw the very same commuter heading across my path, the timing couldn't have been worse, we were on collision course..what would I say, I can't just say hello and walk alongside him, I couldn't just say hello and speed off.
So, I dropped my engines to half speed and lagged behind, but, it got drastically worse, the main road we cross lay ahead and he stopped to cross, I arrived at the scene and for some bizarre reason said "good luck". I had to then continue, at a now accelerated speed, without crossing, on a longer route to the station,
I do hope the trains are on time in the future.

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  1. I had a similar experience yesterday. As my train sped happily past my station (maintaining my cool - it is not done to look alarmed in such situations) I disembarked at the final destination and casually re-entered said train via a different carriage. I was aware of a minor altercation on the platform as a guard was being quizzed by an overheated commuter-type why the train hadn't stopped. I overheard the guard pointing out that it was not meant to stop there, so realising my error I sat quietly in the empty carriage waiting for the return journey to commence. Imagine my joy when overheated commuter-type came and sat opposite me (citing 'company') and proceeded to strike up a train-led conversation with me. How very dare he! Doesn't he know the rules?