Friday, 19 March 2010

Bag man

Bag man

I felt for the unhappy plight of a poor old chap this morning as I passed him on the way to the station.
He'd obviously been to Tescos and overloaded his carrier bag which had duly split apart. It wasn't just a side split, no, this puppy had disintegrated.
The pavement was covered with his items and sadly he seemed to have nowhere to put them. Everytime he picked a number up the others dropped to the floor. I really don't know what you can do in that situation, short of leaving the lot on the floor and heading home to get a bag, in the vain hope that when you return they will still be there.
Why, didn't I help him? Because I was heading to the station...sadly.


  1. I suspect this is the work of the devious supermarket supplies dept, anxious to sell more of the bags for life by downgrading the strength of the freebies.
    Save the planet - yes, if there is money in it!
    As for the bloke - don't put all your tins in one bag you divvy.

  2. Watching it Bio-Degrade in front of his eyes was pretty depressing.