Monday, 15 March 2010

A holey mess

Came across a weird hole in my garden lawn this weekend. I suspect it originates from a cheeky little dog that has recently moved in next door.

It looks like small paws have inflicted the damage, especially as recently, the midget hound in question, found it necessary to come into my garden and bark at me through the patio doors. The bark was more of a "Yip" than a "woof" but equally irritating. It's owner has been reassuring me that it found a hole in the fence and she will block it..still it arrives.

I may have to lay down preventive I am not sure there are many people out there campaiging for dog land mine victims.

1 comment:

  1. Watch out Dave - these dogs usually work in teams. One distracts the owner at the back door with a 'yip' or similar, while the other craps in the front garden.
    We have gangs of cats who invade our gardens, usually looking for dogs to take on. They like to 'tag' the territory in the usual way. What has happened to our neighbourhood?
    I blame the Sylvanians......