Monday, 24 May 2010

A touch warmer

A touch warmer

Anyone who has owned an Apple iPhone and Touch will recognise the problems of keeping him warm and safe.
This morning I encountered an interesting iPhone case that was obviously knitted by his grandma or wife. It ticked all the boxes in keeping his phone warm from the winter winds, but I worry about the effects on it after its first wash, as anyone who has had something knitted will know, shrinkage and deformation are inevitable outcomes.
I suppose once deformed, it could always double as warmer for his more intimate parts, depending of course on which way it goes.

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  1. I got one of those plastic screen covers for Miphone - the sort that requires laboratory conditions to put on with no trapped dust or hairs. I thought this would avoid scratches etc when the kids nicked it. However I didn't guess that my daughter's favourite past-time would be taking off said cover and replacing a multitude of times. It now looks like a fingerprint collector that has been covered in honey and kept in a dog basket.