Monday, 10 May 2010

Brace yourselves

Brace yourselves

Odd journey in.
Various things caught my attention this morning, I must be more receptive to the odd today.
One in particular was a large executive boarding the train with bald head and a particular style I thought had died out with skinheads and yuppies. That is a pair of  braces, the type that drag your trousers up the butt ravine. -I'm sure it would be something Gok would recommend against on the larger executive. Anyway, it seems this sense of styling is yet to fully disappear.
Second, chap next to me has got his homework out and it has sat there doing nothing..surely his boss wouldn't be happy. I think he is trying to look executive, along with another opposite who just opened his tupperware breakfast of rabbit food and milk.
I feel sick.


  1. The 80's has a lot to answer for!!

  2. I can top that. There is a bloke who stands on the Platform at Watford at 6pm who has modelled himself on Tweedledum - resplendent with tight-fitting crimplene trousers pulled halfway up over big belly, cap perched on head, glasses and white socks to complete the look.
    I'm off the the tuck shop for some ginger beer. Crikey!